June 15-19

Fairbury Public School is offering free meals ages 1-18 receive free meals for a drive through or walk up delivery method.
June 15-Breakfast Bread; Chicken Alfredo
Green Beans, Breadstick or Ham Sandwich Sack
June 16-Strawberry Mini Bagels; Country Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy HMD Bread or Hoagie Sandwich Sack
June 17-Mini Donuts; HMD Beef Pizza, Corn or Pizza Meal Box
June 18-Asst. HMD Muffin; Taco Burger, Cowboy Beans, or PBJ Sandwich Sack
June 19-Chocolate filled Crescent; Chicken Strips, Seasoned Carrots, HMD Bread or Ham Sandwich Sack


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