Fairbury Central Elementary Kindergarten Roundup

Fairbury Central Elementary Kindergarten Roundup Tuesday, March 17 at 6pm. Informational meeting for parents/guardians of children who are eligible to attend kindergarten during the 2015-16 school year. Please call the Central Elementary school at 402-729-2418 by Friday, March 6 to register.
Tuesday, March 17, 2015 - 6:00am

I Don’t Think Vaccines Are The Enemy

The news, and Facebook, has been filled with information on measles, vaccines for children, people who don’t vaccinate their children, and anything else remotely related to vaccines. What began about Christmas time as the spreading of measles at Disneyland has turned into a national debate about vaccinating children. 
This measles outbreak that has now infected more than 100 people in more than a dozen states has created an uproar on an issue that seems to have previously been left alone except for that autism issue a few years ago.
The outbreak of measles has now caused some doctors to post signs on their clinic doors that say only vaccinated children are welcome. The doctors cite their duty to protect their other young patients who have weakened immune systems or are unable to have vaccines, such as children with cancer or newborn babies, as the reason for the new signage. 

A Small Group Of People Could Make A Big Difference

It’s pretty obvious, at least to me, that this week I am on my economic development soap box. It is very frustrating to me that our community has no one working or even discussing how we can better business and industry within Fairbury.
At last Friday’s Fairbury Chamber of Commerce annual banquet I had a discussion with Bill Welch, former ceo of Jefferson Community Health Center. Bill is working as interim ceo at the hospital in Crete.
One of the things he told me that Crete is doing (which Fairbury does not) is that a group of business people gather to meet once a month for a short time to discuss what they can do to make Crete a better place. ‘Maybe it’s bringing in more business,’ Welch said. “Maybe it’s helping existing business, at the most recent meeting they talked about how to change the public perception of Crete.”
  “Fairbury should do that,” he said.

For Economic Development Fairbury Gets A Failing Grade

 We’re all familiar with grading systems. Whether it is numerical like a 4.0 or in letter form such as an “A” everyone knows that graded indicate how a person or even an group measures up.
 When it comes to economic development Fairbury clearly grades out as a failure. An “F” on the letter chart and a 0.0 numerically. If there were an F-minus that would be Fairbury.
   Some might consider this a very harsh stance but consider the following: our community has no locally-based industrial development committee, no economic development group and no “go to” people to who can answer questions or guide new industry or business to Fairbury, much less help existing business meet growing needs.


BONHAM THEATER IN 1945 DOWNTOWN FAIRBURY, NE--Contributed photo. More like these can be found in the Fairbury Pictorial Book. To purchase a book call Fairbury Journal-News, 402-729-6141.
120 YEARS AGO, 1895
The Jefferson County Journal 
The county commissioners were Chester Andrews, John Nider and Sid Mackey.
110 YEARS AGO, 1905
The Jefferson County Journal
Evangelist Williams reported 371 conversions after revival meetings sponsored by four Fairbury churches, mainly at the Steele Opera House.
The paper was late because The Journal’s gasoline engine powering the press balked.
Mentioned in a report from District No. 23 (1 ½ miles south and one east of Steele City), were David, Edith, Rose, Sherman and Wayne Coons and Blanche, Chauncey and Jay Roulston.  Alta Nice was teacher.
The Bell Telephone Co. was starting a Fairbury grocery store in the battle between phone companies.  None of the stores would install a Bell instrument.
The Fairbury Journal

Sex Offender List for Jefferson County

New Registerer LIFETIME Woolard, Michael B 6-6-1974 121 W. 3rd St., FairburyWoolard, Michael B
Woolard, Michael B
121 W. 3rd St., Fairbury
Ambrose, Seth
71865-578 Ave
Creek, Terry  
72185 577 Ave.
Sasse, Bradley Owen 
311 Logan St., Diller
Spanjer, Gene E.
814 Seventh St., Fairbury
25 Year
Blue, Michael George Jr.
811 Vine St., Fairbury
Miner, Eric Wayne 
701 H St., Fairbury
Hoffman, Jordan Garret
719 I St., Fairbury


Police Report
Jan. 27: Report of harassment at Jefferson County Jail. 
Jan. 29: Report of an assault between a male and a female in the 1700 block of G Street. The incident is under investigation. 
Jan. 29: Report of harassing phone calls and text messages in the 1500 block of 9th Street. 
Jan. 29: Report of a juvenile complaint in the 1200 block of K Street. 
Jan. 29: Report of a missing juvenile in Fairbury. 
Jan. 30: Report of lost property in Fairbury. 
Jan. 30: Report of criminal mischief in the 1100 block of H Street. 
Jan. 30: Report of lost property in the 700 block of J Street. 
Jan. 31: Report of an assault in the 1400 block of K Street. 
Jan. 31: Report of an intoxicated female on a porch in the 700 block of D Street. 
Jan. 31: Report of a civil standby in the 1100 block of A Street. 

Board Members Lay Groundwork For Future Decisions

Future hirings, new technology implementations and cuts in state aid were a few of the items discussed at Monday night’s Fairbury Public Schools board of education meeting. Superintendent Fred Helmink gave brief state aid estimates for the year and told board members that the district may have to make decisions regarding the mill levy if the district continues to lose out on funds. 
He said this is the first year that Fairbury will not receive equalization aid. He said the total state aide last year was $225,020. This year’s will be $54,844.
“The last two years we lost $684,690 and $550,000, so the amount this year will not be as difficult to make up in valuation increases, but that still means an increase in taxes to cover this deficit,” he said. “While our needs did increase slightly, our student population decreased and our formula resources or wealth increased for the third consecutive year.”

"Our New City Manager Is Going To Be Heavy On Economic Development"

Fairbury Mayor Homer Ward knows a thing or two about economic development. 
 As a longtime promoter of building Fairbury's economy Ward has more than 60 years experience working with: The Fairbury Industrial Development Corporation; The Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation; The Nebraska Diplomats and The Fairbury Chamber of Commerce. He laments that Fairbury currently has no economic development program, no leader promoting business and industry development or recruitment and no local advisory board to lead.
 "We've got nothing," he told The Fairbury Journal-News. "Both the FIDC and JCEDC were disbanded and right now if someone wanted to come to Fairbury and grow or expand a business and asked who they would talk to our answer would have to one," Ward added. 

Bugbee To Be Sentenced On March 9 In Plea Agreement In Washington County

Besides pleading no contest to eight sexual misconduct charges, new information revealed during James Bugbee’s (formerly of Steele City) arraignment on Monday in Washington County District Court found Bugbee never had cancer, and funds raised by the church youth group he formerly led, which were intended to be used to help Bugbee with a trip to Germany for experimental cancer treatment were instead used to pay down credit card debt.
The revelations were part of the statement of evidence by Washington County Attorney Libby Hiltgen.
As part of a plea agreement presented on Monday, Bugbee pled no contest to the charges:
• Four counts of commercial sexual exploitation of a child.
• Three counts of sexual exploitation of a child.
• One count of unlawful sexual relations.
• Theft by deception.