And so it begins

I asked my wife the other day if she was ready for this summer and everything that is coming with it. In the next few months we may have a chance or two to stop and catch our breath, but it will have to be somewhere in between, practices, recitals, soccer, softball, swim team, camps, church, Girl Scouts, trips and more. Our girls are finally to that magical age where they can start being involved in more. For them it is great, it keeps them busy during the summer, and gives them a chance to meet new friends and hang out with old ones. However, for us, Ginny and I, it means always staying one step ahead of everything.

Quick Quips

• Anxiety is a part of being a parent. Our son, Elijah, was invited to a birthday party a few weekends ago. This was his first invite to an event. My wife and I looked at each other and had no answer on what to do about the invite.
Do we let him? Do we stay and watch him? His behavior can escalate quickly in a group of people, let alone with cake and candy in his system. After much discussion, we agreed and he went to the party. He was doing well enough my wife dropped him off as I was covering an event.
When I picked him up, no parent met me at the door with Elijah standing next to them, with his head down, apologizing for his behavior. He played with his friends. He left without incident. Some of his ticks (pulling on his shirt, a nervous neck twitch and speech pattern) picked up a bit for a while that night from the stimulus, but he did fine. Now on to sleep overs? Right now, doubtful.

Building Demolition A Concern

I have been driving by the former American Lutheran Church land and noticed that there was a notice to get the place cleaned up and the person that bought the building was given so much time and didn't comply.
My parents and myself lived in the church more than ten years ago and we kept it up and had a very good antique business. My Dad sold a lot of furniture to a lot of dealers. Later we sold the building to Jim Price and they continued the practice of selling antiques after we moved.

Our Man In Havana

Pictured is Glen Burrows, left and wife Madeleine, in Havana, Cuba, circa 1940s. The couple vacationed in Cuba during the 1940s. (Photo courtesy Gordon Hopkins)

By Gordon Hopkins,
Special Contributor
My grandparents used to take regular trips to Cuba. In the forties and fifties, most Americans knew Cuba only as a tourist destination, a place of casinos and resorts and beaches. It was not without reason that Cuba was called the “Las Vegas of the Caribbean.” Then the revolution came. Cuba became a Communist country. This could not stand. Something had to be done, but what? Economic sanctions seemed the only viable option to military action.

Steele City Took An Undeserved Boot To The Head

Rarely do I pay attention to anything that comes from Facebook. I find most of that junk well...junk. But when something appears in print I always tend to take a look. 
Call me a snob but seeing it in print lends more credibility that seeing it on a computer screen.
Last week The Superior express carried a story (which gained traction originally from Facebook) ranking Nebraska’s small towns from worst to best. And right at the top of the list as the worst community under 1,000 to live in all of Nebraska was...Steele City. Creators of the list used the criteria of low population density, least employed people, lowest housing costs, income, high school drop out rates and crime as determining factor.
Before all of our friends and neighbors in Steele City light the torches and sharpen the pitchforks, well, I’m with you. There ain’t no account for taste. Personally I’ve spent a lot of time in Steele City over the years. 

Get Off Your Duff And Fill Out The Survey

As I have written here before, looking to tomorrow is essential for a community.
The community surveys that have been circulated around town is a means of the city to see tomorrow.
Grants can be procured because the city has a complete survey. The key word on that statement is complete. The city must present an overall scope and finite detail of the economic situation Fairbury is in to get grant funds and federal aid.
No one likes to give out their financial status, especially to a government entity; however, Big Brother is not listening in, there is no need for tin foil hats or distress over someone listening in on conversations. The people handing out the surveys won’t even see the information, they will simply gather up the surveys and send them on to a facility that will gather and process the data.
How many people cooperate will give a testimony to who really loves this town. Apathy is a life killer to a town.


Feb. 14: The Jefferson County Sheriff’s K9 unit was requested for a vehicle sniff by the Fairbury Police Department.
Feb. 17: Daniel D. Swett was northbound on 572 Ave in a 2001 Dodge when a deer came out of the ditch and struck the vehicle, causing $950 of damage.
Feb. 22: Report of a stolen vehicle from rural Fairbury. 
Feb. 24: Report of a suicidal person in Reynolds.
Feb. 25: Located juvenile runaway and placed into protective custody.
Feb. 26: A male was arrested in the 200 block of 9th street on an outstanding Cherry County, Neb. warrant.
Feb. 26: Report of a burglary in rural Daykin.
Feb. 27: Report of a harrassing letter sent from an inmate in Riley County, Kan. jail.
Feb. 28: The Jefferson County Sheriff’s K9 unit was requested for a vehicle sniff by the Fairbury Police Department.
Feb. 28: Coroner’s call in Fairbury.

Reading Classics


School lunch menu 4-3 - 4-8

Fairbury Jefferson and Central 
Elementary Schools
Monday,  Apr. 4- Mini Pepperoni Calzone or PBJ Sandwich or Chef Salad with Crackers or Yogurt and Cheese with Granola, Corn
Tuesday, Apr. 5- Chicken Gravy w/Biscuit or Tuna Salad Sandwich or Chef Salad w/ Croutons or Yogurt and Cheese with Granola, Fresh Veggeis
Wednesday,  Apr. 6- Macho Nacho or Ham and Cheese Wrap or Chef Salad with Crackers or Yogurt and Cheese with Granola, Refried Beans
Thursday, Apr. 7- Teriyaki Chicken w/Seasoned Rice and Egg Roll or Turkey Sandwich or Chef Salad with Croutons or Yogurt and Cheese with Granola, Fresh Veggies
Friday, Apr. 8- Hamburger on Bun or Chicken Salad Sandwich or Chef Salad with Croutons or Yogurt and Cheese with Granola, Potato Wedges
High School
Monday,  Apr. 4- Mini Pepperoni Calzone or Ham and Cheese Flatbread, Corn

FHS Honor Roll

Tyler Bray
Brooke Eisenhauer
Stephen Engelman
Seth Hart
Mark Kroeker
Paul Lawrence
Lindsay Lee
Trevin Likens
Chika Miyomoto
Christina Netherton
Paige Patton
Anna Schouboe
Kellsie Specht
Nathaniel Stapaules
Ryan Umland
Blake Bauer
Jonathan Engelman
Lilibeth Estrada
Brent Hirsch
Mary Lawrence
Robert Meyer
Tanner Novotny
Bethanie Schacht
Bailey Taylor
Rosalyn Bray
Dawson DeBoer
Jesse Graves
Trent Grizzle
Alexander Joe
Jacob Maschmann
Sarah McCown
Bridget McCown
Raelyn Morava
Jordan Ruhnke