The Dux family reunion was held Sunday, October 8, at the Zion Countryside Church with the Olga Dux Schoenrock family hosting.
The Theodore family: Michael and Susan Dux; Re'Nee and Allen Henry; Branden, Amber, Westin and Haylea Dux; Andrew Dux.
The Gustav family: Frank and Darlene Novotny.
The Olga family: Randy and Martha Welsch; Cody and Madi Welsch; Verl and Barb Schoenrock; Elton and Sheryl Schoenrock; Ethan Vonderfecht; Amelia Stone; Caleb  Vonderfecht; Brook Eisenhauer; Tomas Vonderfecht; Jonah Vonderfecht.
The Bertha family: Rendell Henning; Tom and Priscilla Blobaum; Dan Blobaum; Alex, Addison and Jim Schoenrock; Frances Schoenrock.
The Arthur family: Lila Thomas, Larry and Lois McGrath, Cleo Dux, Nolan and LaTisha Dux, Jayce and Lara Rinehart, Bruce Dux, Florence Dux, Pat and Rolland Gaster.
The Kriesel family: Ralph and Carolyn Tate, Phyllis Kriesel, Maxine Schoenrock, Geneva Anne Burns.
The next year's Dux reunion will be Sunday, October 7. The 79th year of the reunion. The Bertha and Arthur Dux families will be hosting.
Guests were Howard and Karen Law Pastor Zion Countryside Church.
The program was about the church and parsonage. The cornerstone was laid 1902 and dedication service was held on May 17, 1903. Total cost was $8,000.00 A new horse barn was built, which could accommodate 16 horses.
A new garage and a new parsonage was built in 1926. This is the present parsonage.