Local entrepreneur Julie Katz has been working for the past year with county officials on getting lights back up at the Jefferson County Courthouse after a 20 year absence.
Friday night at the stroke of 6 p.m. that goal was reached with the brilliant white lights adorning the courthouse turning on for the public to see.
Katz was joined by commissioner Mark Schoenrock for the occasion, which was one of the many highlights of the Miracle on the Square event.
“The lights on the courthouse not only add to the aesthetic beauty of our historic downtown, but helped to put everyone in the holiday spirit. It was a beautiful night for the Miracle on the Square activities and the lights were a special bonus that will be enjoyed for years to come,” Katz said. 
In 2010 she began the conversation about getting lights back up at the courthouse, picking up steam in 2013. By 2016, the Fairbury Community Foundation took the project on with the final culmination coming at the lighting ceremony on Friday.
“It took over a year to coordinate the actual purchase and installation of the lights we have now. It’s a great start and perhaps more lights can be added in the future,” Katz said.
Red lights last adorned the courthouse in 1997 and renovations to the square and the installation of pedetrian level street lighting disrupted the installation of the lights, according to Katz.
  “Anytime you can add lights and decorations to an event, it will draw the people. It then becomes all about creating memories for our children and families. Those of us who grew up here in the Fairbury area have fond memories of our hometown at Christmastime – visits with Santa, sacks of candy, nuts and fruit;  free movies at the Bonham, etc. It is our responsibility to now make those memories happen for our children and grandchildren. It’s what keeps us connected to our hometown,” Katz said.
Next on her wish list is to bring back the red Santa hut on the square for next year’s event.
“To me, that would make Miracle on the Square complete. I would challenge the service clubs (Kiwanis, Rotary and Optimist) in town to team up to freshen up the hut and bring it back for 2018,” Katz said.