The state speech competition was held in Kearney last Friday. Several area students competed with Collin Fink of Thayer Central winning a championship while Corina Lottman of Diller-Odell was sixth while Tiffany Pearson of Tri County fifth and Maggie Harris was sixth.
Further results include:
Thayer Central
Collin Fink, State Champion - Persuasive 
Maggie Harris, 6th - Poetry 
Yong Wang, 8th - Entertainment 
McKenzie Johnson, 7th - Informative
Fink, Harris, 10th - Duet
Corina Lottman, 6th - Extemporaneous 
Ashley Yocum, 16th - Poetry
Tri County
Tiffany Pearson, 5th - Serious Prose 
Bailey Taylor, 13th - Humorous Prose
Brianna Connelly, Dominic Smith, 16th - Duet
Jacqueline Dimas, 8th - Poetry