Fairbury speech is off to a roaring start. A meet was held Jan. 13 at the Fairbury Jr/Sr High School. Rounds began as early as 8 a.m. and concluded in the afternoon. Fairbury hosted seven schools. Jayson Klaumann, a Fairbury junior, scored a perfect 3.00 for Informative Speaking, followed by Diller-Odell’s Stephanie Rosales with a 2.00, and Thayer Central’s McKenzie Johnson with a score of 1.83. Fairbury’s Michaela Buchli scored 1.75 and Diller-Odell’s Kelsay Schlichtman scored 1.33. Also competing for Thayer Central in this category was Bridget Linton who scored 0.87 and Joel Kayser who scored 0.75 Fairbury’s Taylea Mills came out on top for the Oral Interpretation of Serious Prose with a score of 3.00. Mills was followed by Diller-Odell’s Ashley Yocum with a score of 2.50 and Thayer Central’s Maggie Harris tying Yocum with a score of 2.50. Fairbury’s Britney Scheetz and Hailie Nicholson scored 1.83 and 0.78 respectively. Neleigh Weers from Diller-Odell scored 1.08 and Sierra Hatcher from Thayer Central scored 0.70. Thayer Central claimed the top two scores of Persuasive Speaking with Yong Wang scoring a perfect 3.00 and Holly Timmerman, who scored a 2.50. Following them was Fairbury’s Jayden Rasmussen with a score of 2.00 and Jordan Ruhnke who scored 1.17. Diller-Odell’s Spencer Schmidt and Ashtyn Humphreys scored 1.25 and 1.00, respectively. Dakota Cherney of Thayer Central took the first spot for Entertainment Speaking with a score of 3.00. Cherney was followed by fellow Thayer Central student Yong Wang, who scored a 1.50 and Fairbury’s Dakota Gladson with a score of 1.00. In the category of Oral Interpretation of Poetry, Thayer Central’s Maggie Harris placed first with a score of 3.00. She was followed by Harvard’s Kylie Doupnik with a score of 2.00 and Fairbury’s Britney Scheetz with a score of 1.75. Also competing for Fairbury, Darby Paulsen scored 1.70. Thayer Centeral competitors, Kelby Mumm and Siraya Wiedel scored 0.83 and 0.73 respectively. Diller-Odell’s Ashley Yocum scored 0.78 in this category. Sandy Creek claimed the top two spots of Oral Interpretation of Humorous Prose with Atley Van Emmerik and Rami Hinrichs both scorring 2.50. Lauren Patton of Fairbury snagged the third slot with also a score of 2.50 and Shelby Klaumann scored 1.50. Diller-Odell’s Melina Kostal scored 2.33. Faith Novotny of Diller-Odell scored 1.83. Thayer Central’s Sierra Hatcher scored 1.08. Bailey Switzer of Sandy Creek scored 2.50 in Extemporaneous Speaking claiming the top spot followed by Superior’s Sedonah Franzen with a score of 2.33 and MicKael Halverstadt of Thayer Central scoring a 1.83. Fairbury’s Nichole Harris snagged the fourth spot with a score of 1.67. From Diller-Odell, Stephanie Rosales scored 1.25 and Melina Kostal scored 1.00. Thayer Central’s Isaac Friesen and Brennan Harms scored 0.62 and 0.48. In the Duet Acting category, Thayer Central’s Jaden Leonard and McKenna Leonard competed in the novice division and received a score of 1.17. Competing for Diller-Odell in the varsity division was Spencer Schmidt and Faith Novotny who scored 1.45. Fairbury’s competitors will head to Thayer Central on Saturday, January 20, for their next Speech Meet.